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Questions ?

I'd like to keep the FAQ constantly updating, so give me a shout if you have any ideas to add !



Why ?

? Why the name "Jesus Jones"?

It was suggested by Jerry as Jesus Smith as they were on a beach and Spain and it seemed to bring together "Jesus" in Spain as the common name and "Smith" in England, and it was amended to Jones as it sounded better. Or so they say.

? Q.Why does the Aphex Twin keep cropping up?

A.Mike likes this ambient techno guy (real name 'Richard James'),and he did two remixes of Zeroes and Ones. This is probably the most repeated question(at least three times its been asked) - something along the lines of "what Aphex Twin stuff do you recommend ?"

? Q.Why the delay between 3rd and 4th albums?

A. Record company ineptness IMHO. Busy doing other things. See What have they been up to section.

? Q.Why do Japan and the USA seem to get more tracks on the albums than the UK?

A.They get extra tracks because they tend to get less singles and thus B sides than the UK. With the exception of the Caricature remix, some Real x3 remixes and Right Here right Now remixes, everything else is UK released as well as extra stuff USA and Japan didn't get.

? Q.Why don't JJ get on with the British music press?

A.Pass. Take your pick;- Cos they are new, different and good,Cos they have a vendetta against band members, bad Luck? Basically started with the "New Musical Express" (NME) and has filtered thru' various UK publications. Try reading Mikes' book for an insight.

? Q.Why is there a skateboarding connection?

A.Iain and Mike back when they started were avid skateboarders, and visited skateparks regularly in cities they visited on tour. Iain was manager of 'Slam City Skates' and got them their clothes at a discount and thus the initial 'skatepunk' image. Mike has also done some skateboarding articles for "Details" and "Thrasher" magazines.

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pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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