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Questions ?

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Where ?

Q. Where is the " put a live chicken in your underwear" sample on 'Barry D Next to Cleanliness' from?

A.Steve Martin used to use it in a song as part of his live set.

? Q.Where is Gen?

A. He left in '96 because things were taking so long and he had an offer to drum with the band 'Baby Chaos'. This then became 'Deckard'. He then reformed with Jesus Jones in 2001 only to disappear again into the remains of 'Deckard', 'Regency Buck'.

? Q.Where can I get more JJ info?

A. Try the Links page here....the official site - www.jesusjones.com - magazine mailing list - http://hs130.4uh.com/mailman/listinfo/jesusjones_cmapworld.org subscribe....www.jesusjonesarchive.com..........www.jesusjonesdiscography.com

? Q. Where can I get a list of their releases ?

Try www.jesusjonesdiscography.com

? Q.Where can I get hold of JJ promo videos?

A.'Big In Alaska' is on video in several countries and is on laser disc too. It covers their releases from Doubt and Liquidizer. For Perverse and Already as well you can get the "Never Enough - Best of" DVD.

? Q.Where can I buy (order?) old singles from all 3 albums?

A. Record fairs are good, Record Collector and Goldmine mags, music press adverts, and 2nd hand shops. Ebay is always good.

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pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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