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Questions ?

I'd like to keep the FAQ constantly updating, so give me a shout if you have any ideas to add !



When ?

Q. When is the next release/tour ?

A. Nothing upcoming, keep checking here and the official site for news!

Q.When was "Already" released ?

"Already" was out in Japan on May 21st 1997. In the UK and most of Europe as well as Australia, it came out on August 11th 1997. The Japanese and American version (out 21/4/98) version have two extra tracks - "Man on The Moon" and "Together".

The first single for the UK was "The Next Big Thing" and it got to No. 49 in the UK chart.The British version of "The Next Big Thing" had three classic tracks on CD1 - RHRN, WWW(new mix) and Idiot Stare, and three new songs on CD2 - Man on the Moon, Far out in Nowhere,and Together. The cassingle has Man on the Moon as a b side. The second single, "Chemical No.1" was backed by 3 remixes (Optical,Kris Needs, and Soundscandal) on CD1, the Prodigy remix of Zeroes and Ones,Change of Season and Natural State of Grey can be found on CD2. It got to no.71.

? Q. When was "London" released?

A. October 2001. Not a large scale release (US only) but available from the JJ shop.

? Q. When is there going to be a new single?

A. "Culture Vulture" (EP) was released in May 2004. No other plans yet.

? Q.When were JJ formed and how did they get the name?

A. Jerry came up with the name on a beach in Spain, and they were formed as Jesus Jones in 1988.

? Q.When will there be an official live album/video?

A. There is a "Live at the Marquee" dvd. Search for it at Amazon.

? Q. When did JJ break up and reform?

Mike was given a solo record deal by EMI after 'Already'. They suggested he get a female singer and hence Yoshi was formed. EMI then weren't interested so Mike reformed Jesus Jones in late 2000.

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