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Questions ?

I'd like to keep the FAQ constantly updating, so give me a shout if you have any ideas to add !



What ?

? Q. What are they doing now ? (as of August 2004)

A. Waiting for something to come along and promoting the Culture Vulture EP.

? Q. Whats was Yoshi ?

The band formed by Mike after Already when EMI suggested he get a female singer for a different project. The singer was Arianne Schreiber. Apart from a few 30 secs demos, and one gig, nothing came of it.

? Q.What type of mountain bike do you recommend Mike?

A. "I'm deeply distrustful of Grip Shift - it's great after you spend loads of extra cash to make it work properly. Rapid fire is good but my new bike has EZ (I think that is supposed to mean "easy") Shift and it's pretty cack. I always get Saracens but if you're not a Brit. you won't be able to. At about 500 quid / 650 dollars MTB's are all pretty similar, they get better as you spend more, the bigger brands are a safe bet but boring as you spend less."

? Q.Whats all this about Mike writing a book?

A.Mike spent the first few months of 1998 writing a book about his 1997 in Jesus Jones. Its titled "Death Threats from an 8 year old in the Seychelles" because thats what he got after slagging off New Kids on the Block. You can download it from the official site.

? Q.What is Chemical No.1 about?

A. Adrenalin. Not drugs.

? Q.What record label are they on?

A. They are signed with M15 Recordings as Jesus Jones. Alans Waco Brothers are on Million Records.

? Q.What are the chart positions of UK releases?

A.Singles -Info Freako 42, Never Enough 42, Bring It on Down 46, I Don't Want That Kind of Love not Top 50, Real x3 19, Right Here Right Now 1st time 31,International Bright Young Thing 7, Who?Where?Why? (Crisis mix) 21, Right Here Right Now re- release 31 (?), The Devil You Know 8, Right Decision 36, Zeroes and Ones 30,Next Big Thing 49, and Chemical 71.(all singles have a promo video, Real x3 has three - a UK, USA with cartoons, and USA without cartoons one, Right Here Right Now has two variations as has Who?Where?Why?, and Devil has a full length and an edit).In the USA RHRN got to No.2 and Real x3 to No.3. RHRN No.7 in Switzerland, 1991, Real X3 No.3 in Poland 1991, RHRN No.50 in Germany. (Thanks to Mike for last bit)

? Q.What is "Random"?

A. A tribute album for Gary Numan. Various bands covered his songs for it, JJ covered "We are So Fragile".

? Q.What are their influences?

A. Broadly speaking, techno and indian/middle eastern music for Mike, and way back in Liquidizer time, rap. Way too many to list, but include - FSOL, Aphex Twin, Public Enemy,Prodigy, German, Dutch techno, Underworld, Warda, Ofra Haza, The The and in the olden days,hip hop, acid house,jungle, etc.

And Mike - "Like the Top Five singles, it's impossible to answer this one succinctly,and precisely but a rough outline would be ; - The Beatles, AC/DC, Sonic Youth,Hardfloor, Public Enemy, The Rahbani brothers. Those are the cornerstones but that tawdry list would be augmented by a lot more songs, styles and artists both contemporary and past for individual songs of ours. In the past, I've gotten inspiration from Take That and Gabba, Chris De Burgh and Heavy Metal."

? Q.Whats the mumbly verse of IBYT?

A.Atsuko's dropping dishes while
Sam is making wishes while
Aki's up there somewhere
Anca's on the air

(First words are girls names)

? Q.What is 'Scratched'?

A.A Japan only compilation CD of some B sides and remixes, though not all of them. It comes with a lyric book and sticker.Check out Dans discography on Jasons homepage for more details of releases.

? Q.What is "Come Again"?

A.An album celebrating 100 years of EMI. Has covers by EMI artists covering other EMI artists. JJ covered The Stranglers "Go Buddy Go".

? Q.What is the 'JJ Sound System'?

A.The name under which Mike, Iain and friend Joel DJ.

? Q.What is 'Hendrix 303'?

A.The first title that the fourth album went under for a while. Hendrix as in Jimi, 303 as in the TB 303 bass machine that Mike thinks has "revolutionized dance music."

? Q.What equipment do JJ use and why?

A.Atari 1040ST running Steinbergs Cubase (v3.1) and a 100Mb ICD external hard drive, a Roland SH 101 (MIDI retro fitted) a Roland TB 303, Roland W 30 workstation, Roland D 10, Boss Dr Rhythm DR 660, Roland JD 800, Roland Super JD 990, Akai S950, Akai S1000. Along with whatever is in the studio they are working in.Why is because its what they like and have and Mike says he is no longer into machines.

? Q. What is JJ's relationship with EMF? Why is there no mention of JJ on Cha Cha Cha?

A.Never was any, press stirred it up is the sort of official line. eg Mike Rage 91 - "We were never gonna let anyone stir the shit between us and EMF, so we became repulsively friendly! We made an effort to get so close together that people couldn't tear us apart." The bands are good friends though, or at least used to be, to the extent of sharing silk knickers. Theres no law against not name checking a band on your album sleeve when you are no longer influenced by them.

? Q.Whats mountain biking got to do with anything?

A. Mike is very into mountain biking - he races practically weekly and owns several mountain bikes and a touring bike.

"I've biked all over, : Scotland, The Lake District and Peak District in England as well as all the races here, The Brecon Beacons in Wales,British Columbia, Washington and Colorado. I just got back from an epic trip to Utah (again) and Arizona. I can't say Tibet is a regular haunt of mine but it does possess the mother of all downhills - a day long, 15,000 foot descent into Nepal." There are pics of Mike mountain biking in the Picture Archive and he writes articles for "What Mountain Bike ?" magazine.

? Q.What is 'Strawberry'?

A.The second title under which the fourth album went under. Suggested by Tom Dolan on magazine.

? Q.What did they do between 'Perverse' and 'Already'?

A.Mike - DJing in the South of England, Wales and Japan, presenting 2 'Byte the music' series on UK Radio 3, writing a chapter on Arabian music for the book 'Love is a Drug', appearing in the book 'Right to Imagination and Madness' about songwriting, going on holiday, playing on the playstation, partying, writing songs for Traci Lords, looking after his daughter Hana, and remixing for GTO, Metal Master, M-Age, Roxette, Equilibrium, Nrsha, and The Next Generation. Also producing the Next Generation.

Iain - DJ'd in similar places to Mike, and went on tour with the 'Utah Saints' as their keyboard player and with 'The Pretenders' as a DJ.

Alan - Stil living in Chicago with his wife Poni, doing DIY and playing in a band called the 'Waco Brothers'.

Jerry - Set up his own studio and has been working on his own material. Played football too.

? Q.What are the lyrics to Phoenix?

A.An attempt at them is on Jasons homepage, but Mike isn't saying, and it is probably wise not to ask him for the 100th time. ;-)

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