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None of these are official, they are either TV broadcast or privately taped -

If you want any of these videos, or have any to swap, please feel free to contact me via the feedback form.

(All timings very speculative)

Live Concerts
Amsterdam 25/1/93 45 mins
Parkpop Festival 26/7/93 50mins
Glastonbury Festival 22/6/90 50 mins
Reading Festival 27/8/90 50 mins
Reading Festival 27/8/89 30 mins
Loreley Festival '89 30 mins
Washington 28/4/93 1hr 10m
London T and C 27/2/91 60 mins

Gig from 5/90 UK Tour - I think it may be Manchester - 50 mins

TV Clips
Lots of UK TV clips from terrestrial TV and Satellite (MTV)- 4 1/2 hours - All "Top of The Pops" appearances, some of NBT promo, All Perverse promos, I Don't Want that Kind of Love promo, masses of interviews, mimes and live clips.
Australian TV clips - 25 mins - Including Rage, and talking to a big pink puppet....
German TV clips - 15 mins - 3 early songs live and an Alan interview for once, as well as a dubbed Mike one.

Canadian and American TV clips - 2 1/2 hours - Including Arsenio Hall (twice), Johnny Carson, Rick Dees, Mike hosting 120 mins and more.

N.B All clips are in UK PAL format, different from the format used in US/Canada/Japan, so conversion would have to be done on supplied videos to those countries. I'm not sure about elsewhere...


pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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