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"Film someone from the ankles up skateboarding and what you'll see is modern ballet." Mike Details 91

"There was as much involvement with the band on Perverse, but on a different level." Iain Brum Beat 93

"I write the songs and dish out cassettes. The A sides are the songs complete, the B sides are the Idiot tapes for the others to learn." Mike Q 93

"Alright, he writes the songs and we learn and play the songs..." Iain Brum Beat 93

"We were really crap at first. But about 6 months ago, we all started trying much harder. The band want flash cars and credit accounts at Woolworths, but what I am after is fame." Jesus (pre Mike!) Sounds 2/89

"We have gone onstage out of our heads on various substances and you just sound crap." Jerry letting us in on his secret.;-) Vox 4/91

"'Ghost' made me cry" Iain No.1 91

"I feel that I am doing something new and innovative. I feel invincible. I feel immortal. I feel that I have the edge over most people. I'll pick up a music paper and leaf through it and think Yes! I've taught all these people a great lesson.' Modest Mike Select 8/92

"On the whole I try to be very honest in the press unless a particular paper deserves to be lied to. Big JJ fans do understand a lot about me." Mike Right to Imagination and Madness book.

"War is initiated by the greed and egotism of people in power aided by the media who brainwash the people with propaganda and false patriotism." Al No.1 91

"Although Britain is an ugly little country with cities only a bomb could improve...." Mike Info Service Newsletter 3/96

"Musically I'm not very good really. I'm not a brilliant pianist, I'm not a brilliant keyboard player, I haven't got a very good sense of timing, but I'm not really onstage to be a brilliant keyboardist, I'm on stage to be a fan." Honest Iain All the Answers fanzine Issue 6 1990

"I expect a right good kicking in the British press when the album comes out."Q magazine June 1997

On Gary Numan - "His greatest contribution to mankind was convincing Margaret Thatcher in the 80s that Britain should have a car based economy. JJ are currently assessing the next century with the Blair sponsored "bikes".Vox July 1997

"It had to be the grand scheme - We're not just here to have fun, we're here to do something worthy, which is bollocks. I don't want to get into that 'I invented rock n'roll" because I've had it with all those grandiose claims." NME May 1997

pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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