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Perverse Reviews

"The Devil You Know"

"Those boisterous JJ boys are not prepared to let their 15 minutes of fame burn out just yet either. Their new single Devil has no peer,EMF not withstanding. It's a logical progression from the singles on Doubt, with Mike E and his crew sounding hi-tech bonkers with a twanging touch of Eastern promise around the strings department once again. This time around the beat has assumed the stately crawl and pomp of a Cure anthem and JJ are Satanic majesties at their best." (Billericay Echo 1/93)

"Stomping techno rocker from the forthcoming Perv album thats bound to shock most who hear it and quite frankly pisses over most of this months singles. As with EMF the Jones boys are taking their techno pop thrash into heavier realms. This may start off all melodic and mellow, but it soon kicks into gear with some crashing power chords that blend with Mike E's distinctive vocals. Main man Edwards has long been critical of rock but here we find him creating a great rock track from his beloved techno sounds. Given the current trend in rock clubs for more dancey sounds,interesting times are ahead. If you lean towards the more melodic industrial sounds or revel in dancecore, you'll love this noisy number."(MF 1/93)

"The Jones boys used to have a handy knack for writing tremendous pop stompers, but thats gone right out the window with this single. Its a fearful dirge with Mike E straining for the high notes like he's been punched in the stomach. Which might not be such a bad idea."1 out of 5(Smash Hits 1/93)

"No, despite the name its not the Kylie tune but the comeback single from those Jones boys - a thumpingly noisy rock tune which should appeal to anyone who's ever like a JJ record at any time of their lives. Fab!"(unknown 1/93)

"Last year they were enormous in the States, this year its our turn again.Not massively different from their previous singles, but still better than most of the chart stuff. I've reached the conclusion that Mike E is a sure fire genius. But does this mean that next week I'll be praising Paul McCartney?"(Ceefax 1/93)

"Ironically purporting to be a condemnation o the lack of spirit,adventure and danger endemic in modern pop culture, "Devil" is itself about as chilling and surprising as the discovery of a wad of used Kleenex in a pubescent males bedroom. Its the same old JJ formula; audaciously squeaky beats sidle up to bratty, vacuous guitars, proving only that sometimes rock and dance can spend the whole night together and not rustle so much as a hickey between them. As for Edwards, it has always been a quirk never to trust a man whose face could comfortably pass through the eye of a needle. (NME 1/93)

"Have you seen the latest pix? Mike E's cheekbones grow more impossibly chiselled by the week and his eyes are limpid pools, nothing less.But this does not excuse the fact the man has only one tune in him.This time the bright and bratty young things have remodelled RHRN in a Tandoori house. It wafts in at the start on some aromatic Indian strings, all snaky and sinous, which is fine, but then the trademark drum crunch and keyboards kick in and we're back to, well, the devil we know really. Mike is sounding spookily like Bono too."(Melody Maker 1/93)

"Right Decision"

"A generic mournful, piano note which is derivative of Madness opens the new JJ single. Mike E. who wants to keep on pouting, moping and be taken seriously, is proud of JJs roots in indie and credentials in dance crossover,but it is as nice pop stars that his band are now taken. Yes, as cuddly, cute and unthreatening as those pleasant chaps Take That - though Take That are unlikely to come up with such a telling, well formed couplet as Mikes "the problem with success is you become what you detest." Having called their first big album Doubt, there is still and idiosyncratic English streak of mordant depression about JJ, that will enable them to endure despite the notoriously ephemeral nature of their present pin up scream status."(Billericay Echo 6/93)

"Oh Jesus! the Right Dec sounds like The Beatles being given a collective saltwater enema to flush out any last lingering traces of melody, or indeed emotion from their shuddering systems. They hadn't invented sequencers back in those days had they? Lucky b*****ds. Perhaps not quite the masterpiece we were looking for from "the first great album of the nineties." Still, you can't blame a man for lying."(NME 3/93)

"Mike E and his expensively dressed squad of do-nothing spare parts finally release the only obvious pop single off Perv, a track which boasts both a tune and superbly stupid guitar riff tearing through the middle of the otherwise ubiquitous hailstorm of MIDI chaff. Good punchy lyrics.'The problem with success is you become what you detest'. worth the risk though, I'd have thought. Nice tune. Goes on a bit."

"Zeroes and Ones"

"Keyboard commotion ahoy! The Jones boys take their information obsession to the eighth dimension and write a tune about - yes! - binary! Maths teachers across the land set fire to their protractors and freak out completely to the fretwork frippery. "The revolution will be computerized" husks Mike. Their best one for ages."(Smash Hits 6/93)

"For reasons known only to themselves, the career of JJ has been a rollercoaster of violent ups and downs. Zeroes...is happily, an up. Almost as big an up as IBYT was a down. Ignoring The Prodigys stupid hardcore techno mix and Aphex Twins typically unrelated "reconstructions" the plain and simple 7" edit is an electro pop wow. The central melody sounds like a sci-fi pterodactyl going in for the kill."(rock inkie 6/93)

"A glorious feast of high octane turbo charged techno thats designed to blow your grannies socks off and send the members of 2 unlimited back to their day jobs. If the sound of this amazing aural landscape skateboarding around your stereo doesn't wanna make you shake your head, then you must be a fan of Des O'Connor."4.5 out of 5(Generator 2/7/93)

"Zeroes....rejoices as ever in scratchy singing and the heartbeat of a nervous caffeine addict on a Jolt Cola bender. There are five mixes on offer here, the original being the computer head smash pop single they should have released months ago. A leaden second version; Liam from The Prodigy jogs on the breakbeat treadmill for a bit; then The Aplex Twin gives up two eerie remixes (read entirely new records), one of which reminds me of "The Shining" for some reason. Perhaps its that axe sharpening noise."(Select 6/93)

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