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Mikes Last....

Answers as of 22/12/98

All the questions put to Mike Edwards are prefixed "What was the last..."

1. Book you read?

"Soho Black by Christopher Fowler. Before that was Amsterdam by Ian McEwen. Probably spelled his name wrong, too."

2. Film you saw?

"'Antz'. I was accompanying someone a little fewer in years. I think "Hana Bi" was before that."

3. Meal you had?

"The best of British cuisine, a curry."

4. Gig you've been to?

"Either Soul Coughing, Reef or the Feely Room, I can't remember."

5. Album you bought?

"Delakota's and Black Box Recorder "England made me"."

6. Computer/Console game played?


7. Song you've loved?

"'Pure morning' by Placebo."

8. Solo project name decided upon? :)

"Sa....hey ! Actually, nothing decided on yet, merely mooted and sent to the committee of Mike's brain, awaiting final verdict. Still."

Thanks to Mike.


pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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