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Mike and the Internet

1. How often do you access the internet?

At least twice a day for email with maybe one Web session a day,sometimes up to 1.5 hours at a time but often about 5 minutes a go.

2. What programs do you regularly use?

Being blessed with a Macintosh, I use Eudora Lite for email whilst dallying occasionally with Claris Emailer. I have both Netscape and Microsoft Explorer. Oddly, I also have Netscape. All get connected via Free PPP. Then there's about 120Mb's of non-internet software.

3. Do you think the net is over/underrated?

Both by people who are new to it : they start out having little idea of what it can do and then expect the universe from it after finding one good site. In terms of society in general, I'm presuming it's massively overrated due to it still being an elitist thing talked about in hallowed tones by those trying to sell it to the majority.

4. How would you like to see the net in five years time?

Quicker access times, more goods for sale via it and more UK government departments on-line so we can keep tabs on what the swine are doing with our money and votes.

5. What is your favourite non-JJ site?

The one I probably access the most is the Adobe site since I'm interested in computer graphic design and use a lot of their products. I do get an obsessive pathetic thrill from looking at the Cannondale bike site, too.

Thanks Mike!

pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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