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Mike Interview 2001

Thanks to Mike, answers as of 26/3/01

Whats it like to be back in Jesus Jones?

I'm currently sandwiched between the really exciting bits, between
the thrill of saying, yes, we do want to have fun with it again and the
excitement of having a record out and hopefully touring again. Right now
it's much as it was for years at the end of the last decade, sitting at
home writing most of the time. It's a dull lifestyle enlivened by
occasionally coming up with something I think is great.

What made you reform?

A number of things happening almost simultaneously ; realising I had
a lot of songs I thought were pretty good but unsuitable for Yoshi, EMI
saying they wanted us to promote a Greatest Hits album and Ted at MI5 getting
in touch saying he wanted to bring out some new stuff.

How does the new stuff sound in comparison to the old stuff?

Like us but not like us. By which I mean it's still me writing and in the same
way that your signature never changes that much you can tell the
style. That said, I'm trying to put some new ideas in there and
generally make the lyrics better - always a fault of mine, I feel. In general I
think we want to make it rock a lot more. I'd be the wrong one to ask if it's
working though.

What have your influences been on this new stuff?

Some of the older songs have a big Stina Nordenstam influence (yes,
rocking Stina Nordenstam) but I'm still trying to shoe horn some Drum
'n' Bass, the kind of Tech Step-py stuff that I love, in there. Garage, too
is attempting to be in on it and if I can get at least one track with Nu
Metal style guitars I'll be happy.

Whats your favourite song of the new stuff?

It jumps from "Asleep on the motorway' to "Nowhere slow" to "Rocket
ships...". I'm also hoping I haven't yet written the best one - about 5
songs to go.

Whats your timescale for a release?

It was originally going to be May but it soon became obvious that wasn't realistic
for a number of reasons. September is looking good now as it gives
us (and MI5) time to get everything sorted out properly.

Do you still bike a lot?

Probably more than ever. I'm currently in training for the London
marathon (cycling is great cross training for that), a summer of road
races and the Etape du Tour once more, and a full triathlon on Los Angeles in
September. I train about 11 hours a week but that should go up after the
end of April.

What made you write a book? (Get it free at www.jesusjones.com)

I had a lot of things I wanted to say about the demise of the band,
things I felt would be interesting for people to read given that it
would give them an insight into just how bands can disappear from view.

Are you all too old to jump about at gigs now? :)

If it's a question of physical ability, on the whole I'd say "No".
But regarding dignity, it may well be another matter. I'll know once I start
playing live again. You can tell me then !

Mike E


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