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Manchild Diary (Mikes Production Story)

Heres the diary of the Manchild project 2000 so far as Mikes concerned (taken from www.manchild.co.uk)

Latest Info

November 26th 2001: Manchild's first live video performance is currently being edited & mixed, for possible release as a video (it will go on sale on this website first). It is being directed by Max's brother Tom. It captures the Manchild's triumph that was this summer's spectacular headlining performance at the Big Weekend, Cardiff where Manchild played to a feverish audience of 6,500 people. The video will also feature behind the scenes footage, interviews with the Max & Brett & the band, footage of the making of the video for 'Rehab' and interviews with guest vocalist Andy Cairns & album producer Mike Edwards. For more information on the videos release e-mail mailto:info@manchild.co.uk

March 14th 1999: Max & Brett travel down to Raezor Studios, London to complete the first mix for the album. The track is The Clichés Are True (featuring Stereophonics’ Kelly Jones). Mike Edwards (of Jesus Jones) was in the producer’s chair and engineering came from Ali Staton whose recent credits include the Stereo MCs long awaited second album and Drum ‘n Bass act Lamb. Mike survived on Jelly Babies alone while Max and Brett enjoyed the rare treat of McDonalds’ for lunch, tea, a midnight snack and early morning breakfast!!

March 29th 1999: Max and Brett start pre production in studios in Oxford. Mike Edwards is there to produce Rehab (featuring Therapy’s Andy Cairns). Max said "The track has been given a new lease of life, not as much of an overhaul as on The Clichés Are True, but significant nonetheless". The song is now over a minute shorter and clocks in at a radio friendly 3 minutes, with a fully orchestrated bridge that Mike described as "like Live And Let Die".

May 11th 1999: Manchild get their first Radio 1 play! Steve Lamaq’s Evening Session tour comes to Cardiff and does a feature on the city’s music scene. The Clichés Are True, the track featuring vocals from Kelly Jones of Stereophonics gets an airing at 21:08hrs. Steve Lamaq is quoted as saying "the track rocks".

July 27th – August 1st 1999: Mike Edwards comes over to Fly Studios for the week to produce Return To The Dragon. The track now sounds shorter, tougher and has twice the number of Kung Fu samples in it!

August 4th & 5th 1999: Max, Brett & Mike Edwards mix final versions of Return To The Dragon & New London. This is done once more with Ali Statton at Raezor Studios, London. The mixes sound great and it is looking likely that these two tracks and one more could comprise the first full Manchild single release (November 15th).

August 30th 1999: Mike Edwards makes his final trip to Fly Studios to finalise working with Max & Brett and add the finishing touches to Rehab & The Clichés Are True. Both of which are now sounding like dead cert. top of the chart contenders.

September 24th – 26th 1999: Max & Brett go down to London to mix the final versions of Rehab & The Clichés Are True @ Raezor studios with Mike Edwards and Ali Staton once more. Andy Cairns of Therapy? and guest vocalist/ guitarist on Rehab popped in on Saturday evening to hear the final mix of Rehab. Having heard the final mix, he turned to the boys, grinned and simply said “evil”! Taking that to obviously be praise of the very highest order, they took Andy to the local pub to celebrate, chat and diligently put off any more mixing until the next morning!

You can download the final version "Return to the Dragon" which Mike has produced from the Manchild Official Site.

pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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