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London Reviews

Jesus Jones is right here, right now with their new album London. They have a message for you, they are here to rock! There is still plenty of electronics within the album, but this album is more rock oriented. You won't be finding any songs like "Right Here right Now from Doubt, which is ok. The album moves fairly quick, and Mike's vocals are still catchy and filled with melody. "No Where Slow," is definitely a stand out track, and has thick electronics to fill during the middle parts of the song, but the guitar kicks in to really give the song more focus points. The main chorus with "All the people" Jesus Jones sure has not lost there style with melodies since there last album. "Stranger" is another track with a great blend of electronics and the more rock style. I like the added effects around Mike's vocals. "Stranger" could be a single for the album very easily. I like how the electronics send out electronic shock sounds, just as the band brings the song back around. It also has a spacey feel, towards the end of the song, which was a neat effect to add in to ending. "The Rocket Ships of La Jolla" is another upbeat rock song. I like the switch of music for the chorus, and back to the main music for the song. "Asleep on the Motorway, is a slow and mellow song, with more bass sounds and piano. I good switch for the album. I liked it a lot for that reason. "Hello Neon" another song with great balance of rock and electronics. "Hello Neon" takes flight during the chorus, and the other parts of the song, are where Mike's lyrics are the focus point. The way he sings them, really makes you want to listen to what he is singing. "The A Team" is a fun song, with a great rock swing. One thing that I noticed is Mike's vocals have so many different approaches on this album. In fact, this album is a whole different approach from the other albums, where there were hints of more rock songs like on Doubt with "Trust Me". I like the more mellow and calm vocals for "The A Team". Another interesting track,"Half up the Hill, has a distinct guitar riff, one for cranking up, and is one of the more abrasive sounding songs with maybe a touch of anger built in the vocals. London definitely is a breath of fresh air for Jesus Jones. It was nice to see them take a different root, but still can say we are Jesus Jones. Lots of different directions, and is no where close to Doubt or Perverse. The album may take some time getting use to, if you were looking for another Doubt. This album is straight -forward rock, with appropriate use of electronics for some extra hooks to the listener.


Grave Concerns Fanzine

It’s been a long, long time since we’ve heard anything new from Jesus Jones. The band had first hit the scene with their debut album, which featured the pop “get involved” anthem “Right Here, Right Now.” The new Jesus Jones is fresher and less interested in becoming just another pop band from the U.K. Mixing electronic elements with harder rock and faster-paced drums, London may be a long-in coming follow-up but is most definitely worth the wait.

Guitarist and vocalist Mike Edwards wrote all the songs off the new album, which has been released by Mi5 Records—a record label created by ex-Modern English and now Blue Mockingbirds member Ted Mason. The remaining members of the quintet include guitarist and vocalist Jerry De Borg, keyboardist Iain Baker, drummer Tony Arthy and bassist Alan Doughty.


For the most part, London is a great album. Harmonies are much tighter, while melodies are more interesting and intricate. The album begins with its first track “Message”—“This is message is a wake up call/ If you’ve fallen further than you though you could fall.” This harder, rock-infused song certainly acts as a “wake-up call” as to what to expect from the rest of this album. I also wonder if this song tells us a story of what happened with Jesus Jones and why we had to wait to hear their next album—could London be a product of their own “wake-up call”?


Jesus Jones also continues the “world awareness” theme of “Right Here, Right Now” in tracks such as “In the Face of All This,” a song that could very much be the theme song of our world right now in the shadows of the tragic events of September 11th—“In the face of all of this/ What troubles do you and I possess?/ In the face of all of this/ Trouble enough it seems.”


Other new directional songs on London include the experimental “Getaway Car” that includes a great dance beat and robotic-sounding vocals and “The Rocket Ships of La Jolle”—just a great alternative song with a lot of different elements and a great harmony.


While for a long time Jesus Jones was pegged a one hit wonder, its obvious with the release of London that they are not content with that idea. Although their new album may not throw anything entirely new or earth-shattering into the mix of today’s mainstream music, it does take chances and features a lot of elements—complex melodies and tight harmonies—that only talented and professional musicians would be able to achieve.



Whatever is old can be new again. So, is true for the latest release from Jesus Jones. Primarily know in the late 80s as a driving force in the British techno/dance/punk flavored genre of music, Jesus Jones has been able to keep their identity of music and tweak it for a new millennium of listeners. Being able to evolve with the times and with the high-speed turnover rate in music popularity is essential in maintaining longevity and credibility. With a lot of bands being able to keep the two elements in harmony is sometimes impossible. Fortunately, with this album it seems evidently a success. As always the band's high energy shows through on their songs. The album from beginning to end is nothing but energy. They have held true to their hard guitar, synthesized techno punk driving music they are known for. The album actually has a harder edge than what some might remember of Jesus Jones, but an edge that easily can keep them afloat with the genre of music today. For a child of the 80s reliving musical memories, or the alternative lover, this album is a must listen.


Antimusic Since it seems to be a 4-year wait between albums these days for JesusJones it can get tricky being a fan, but when I got this CD in the mail
yesterday-- back to the old logo, old style liner notes with commentary from Mike Edwards, beautiful graphic design-style art instead of that weird kiddy
coloring of the last album Already... what a rush.

Briefly, this is an album that features Jesus Jones as a rock and roll band, first and foremost, which is not something you could really say about the
usual one-man-band-and-a-producer style of old. The other major sound to the album comes from UK garage/ 2-step, which I suppose makes this the first 2-step/ rock crossover album. It's also kind of a dirty and grimy album, mostly about cars and bicycles and nights on the town. Here's a track

1. Message-- Foo Fighters esque and non-dance-- very un-Jesus Jones-like,
but tough and meaty.

2. Stranger-- very fast, almost straight rock n' roll that reminds me a
bit of oldie "Never Enough."

3. Rocket Ships of La Jolla-- a favourite-- garage in the verse, rock in the chorus, apparently about seeing California as some kind of fantasy

4. Asleep on the Motorway-- a re-worked Yoshi track that has a lovely pop piano.

5. Hello Neon-- another instant favourite, maximizing the rock / 2-step crossover. Goofy laughing samples abound.

6. A-Team-- confusing, lo-fi deal that I haven't given a chance.

7. Half Up the Hill-- Jesus Jones + nu metal? The concept sounds foreign but here we have it, and it redeems the whole genre.

8. Princess of My Heart-- one sort of droning sound and a soft, high pitched acoustic guitar, lovely.

9. Getaway Car-- the only nod to the Eastern sounds of previous Jesus Jones tracks, this doesn't have many rock elements but a concise, goofy story to
match the clipped, goofy vocoded voices. Like a humourous version of Radiohead's "Packt Like Sardines..."

10. To Get There-- almost standard sample-rock that is simply a good song about perseverance.

11. Nowhere Slow-- more fast paced rock and roll the way everyone used to want it, with more nods to 2-step.

12. In the Face of All This-- strangely mentions a plane crash and Afghanistan, which may have or may not have been added to the final
recording, as this record was released in late October.

David Miller


I really like this album. Not as much as Already but it does still have standout tracks.

>Message hits you right away and a good starting track.

Tracks like Asleep (Yoshi version much better) and Princess are old Mike tracks, and to me they seem that way. Nothing special with them. A Team is another one of those and I find it really droney.

Rocket Ships, Hello Neon and Nowhere Slow are the obvious pop tracks and as such I love them. Do a proper job with the single though.

Half Up the Hill kicks a** and I love it. Can't wait to hear it live.

Getaway Car is the standard "interesting" track that appears on JJ albums - see Motion, Spiral etc for others. Its ok but nothing special. Reminds me a bit of Gorillaz which can't be bad.

Face of All this is ok but again in the nothing special club.

If you've ever had any interest or liking of JJ especially their poppier tracks, then you'll love the album just like I did.

Elaine Hamilton


After work today I went to the local Circuit City, and looked, didn't see it, looked some more, and finally found one - repeat - ONE copy of London buried in the Jesus and Mary Chain section (since everyone's pretty much thrown out their Jesus Jones cards;) Already begun listening through for the second and, for some songs, third times. I'm already completely in love with this album. Also worth waiting a few extra days for if you're getting it by post. Everything sounds so much better than the demos. Most importantly, the feeling of freshness that was missing from Already is back with a vengeance. More guitar rock than any JJ album before, but has the same feel of
Liquidizer and Doubt, while sounding completely different. Message just grabs you from the start, and the album just keeps going with great song after great song. In fact, my only complaints about the music are two samples in the album, one in Hello Neon and (if I recall correctly) one in The A Team - they keep making me think my cell phone is going off;) Getaway Car is the worst song of the lot, and still pretty damn good, and I'm sure the annoying part will grow on me:) That's it. I'm completely and totally
sold on the rest, and I'd say, out of 12 tracks, at least 8 potential singles if Ted Mason kicks his PR people (assuming he has any) in the ass
to promote this CD. Princess of My Heart is simply beautiful, and is my mearly favorite on the album, but I really think my favorite song on the album will
change from time to time. It's that good.

Alan Cadmus



This one definitely rocks. A fantastic opening number. VERY reminiscent of 'This is a Call' by Foo Fighters. Great samples. Lively and LOUD!


Having been introduced to this one via the sample on JJ.com, I had known this one rocked before I heard it on the album. Sounds a little bit like it
has Universal appeal, and could be used in adverts, TV theme tunes, etc. Don't know why, just gives me that feeling. Great lyrics 'does the mirror hold surprise for
you?' This one rocks, too!!

The Rocket Ships of La Jolla

At first listen the weakest track on the album. With more listens, it definitely grows! Weirdest title on the album, however! Very much more laid back
than the first two, it is the first hint that the album isn't all headed in the same direction. reminds me of 'Rails' in parts, again not strictly sure why. 'So what the
HELL is wrong with fantasy?'. ACE!

Asleep On The Motorway

This one has changed almost beyond recognition since Mike's first sample of the demo. 'Could just be me but there's a phoneyness about...' is a little
bit of an awkward line, but it manages to work, somehow. Not sure how Mike got to that from 'Lighten the load.....before you explode' but then he's the one being
paid to write lyrics and I'm not! :) A great song, very much more laid back than any other song on the album, with the exception of 'Princess of my Heart'. I love
the line and then it hits me....or rather I hit it.......' The samples actually do remind me of a car crash, too. Nice being lead by the music, as I don't think there's
an actual 'car crash sample' in there at all (that is, no tyres squealing, or twisting metal)

Hello Neon!

Wonderful - a weird synthesized (?) vocal, and a fantastic beat open this song, and it rocks big time, but not in a heavy guitar way, more in a drum 'n' bass -
Mike style - way. I love the way the guitars give way to the samples, often stopping completely dead for a split second. 'the mirror sees me out the
door' reminiscent of the lyric from Stranger.....

The A Team

Not convinced by this one, I preferred it to ...La Jolla at first, but I think it's been overtaken. Something odd about Mr T endorses rum. (Don't have the
lyrics in front of me, so no laughing if I'm WAY WAY out). Sure it fits with the 'A Team' title, but no mention of Hannibal, Face and Murdoch :). Ostensibly
it sounded like a song about drugs (Class 'A') but listening to it it sounds a bit like a track about alcohol 'T for Tennants from a can.......legal at 18,
etc...Still like the song, as I can sing along to it, and it has the JJ hallmark that is Mike's voice, but to me the weakest song on the album.

Half Up The Hill

Well - from the weakest to the strongest. AMAZING! My favourite track by far. Cranked up loud, it really does provide music that will 'make the windows
shake (Hello Neon!)'. Amazing start with powerful vocals, loud guitars and wonderful layered drum 'n' bass sound (I'm no d&b expert, so forgive me if d&b isn't
quite sufficient to describe it). The track goes into 'synth vox' mode, with some kind of effect attached to Mike's voice (I hope - either that or the microphone
needed a clean). "I should have said something....what was it stopped me?" Wonderful, with some great acoustic-guitar styled interludes, finishing off really
well, too. A really well-crafted modern ROCK song, taking something that most people would have thought couldn't go any further into the 21st Century. The end leads
perfectly into....

The Princess Of My Heart

A great ballad. Perfect lyrics, great tune, wonderful sound. Very 'back to basics' announcing that Mike is more than a 'one-style' artist. I hesitate to say
JJ cos I'm unsure where they come into it, considering POMH was a Mike solo track and doesn't seem to have the other guys playing on it. Perhaps
Jerry will kick up here, and say 'didn't you hear my tambourine' or something?? :)

Getaway Car

Second favourite on the CD! My initial thought was that this was about Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed 'just two scared kids in a dirt cheap car' (sure
the car was anything but cheap, but us Brits are great at irony). Just that they were trying to 'getaway' from the press. 'Here comes the getway car...inside,
the getway Star (Di?)' 'This aint no film star'(she wasn't) 'This aint no Jaguar' - nah - it was a Merc, wan't it? That line seems to have been 'borrowed' from
Madness's 'Driving in my Car' and let it down to start, as I thought '<cringe>rhyming car with Jagu-AR'. Soon forgotten though, in light ofthe fantastically bizarre 'human beat box", synthesized voice sampley noise thingy'. Here the inadequacies of my descriptive vocabulary are shown in their true light!! Not so convinced the song is about the crash in Paris, now, but the idea is still there. A fantastic song, with the merest smattering of Eastern influence that made Already sound so diverse....."This is no way to spend the day...looking back, scared shitless" YAY!

To Get There

My least favourite of the ESPN tracks, it still deserves a place on 'London'. Still one of the best tracks on the album. I do wish Wired.... had ended up
here, too, thought. The cycle chain sample seems to have been used moreintermittently than it was on the original version, but that's the only difference I can think
of between the demo and album versions....<EH - Not demo version up on webpage, finished solo version>

Nowhere Slow

'Driving me insane........' I really like this song. Not my favouritetrack, but certainly understandable why Mi5 wanted it as the first single..... The lyrics just
hit at the very heart of London's traffic problems, and I think anyone who's ever sat in a traffic jam anywhere in the world can relate to it. This track
rocks, too....

In The Face Of All This

This is a solid, dependable track, makes a lot of sense in light of what is happening/happened in Afghansistan, although I understand it was written
way before the events of September 11th. It doesn't hit me in the face as a Jesus Jones 'classic' nor even as something innovative, but it is in no way a
bad song. Still wondering where the 'yup' at the end came from.....

London - a fantastic album, a potential favourite for any 'hardcore' fan, and maybe a great introduction to the band for the modern music fan.

I love it, and haven't had a day that I haven't listened to it since I got it......

Russell Dempsey

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