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London Luminaire 29/10/08

Waynes' Review (Wayne Stimson)

What would you know, Never Enough, Caricature, Move Mountains,Bring it on down, Real Real Real, All The Answers, Welcome back Victoria, International Bright Young Thing, Message, Culture Vulture,Zeroes and Ones, Idiot Stare,Right Here Right Now, Info Freako, Who? Where?Why? (not in the exact order) on stage approx 1hour 10mins Sold out gig, Strictly VIP's and guestlist only. No tickets issued for gig. Confirmation of booking was an email. My favourite tracks were Move Mountains, Message and Info Freako Support act was "Master and Servant" who were excellent. Check them out. Numerous technical problems all evening, but who cares it was a cracking gig. Funniest moment for me was Mike having problems with the Luminaire ceiling, as he did his trademark leap he kept hitting his head.
Personal highlight of evening was shaking hands with Iain and talking very briefly to him after the gig while he was packing away his keyboard, New T-shirts available, Red or White with the Jesus jones logo.

Waynes' Photos - Archive 150kb

Alan Fosters' Photos - Archive 6mb

pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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