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"Info Freako"

"These boys are too cute for their own good,which typically hasn't done any harm to this pop-tech confection, tailor made for mindless nodding in nightclubs. Square eyed, airheaded but with a smashing collection of computer games, JJ lurch through their lopsided debut, their swagger adding to the commotion. Yet-and perhaps this is a trait of future pop-no matter how many times you play it, it never becomes catchy or truly interesting. But since they've all gone to the trouble of buying new leather jackets-and they ain't cheap-the least you can do is buy it."(Melody Maker 18/2/89)

"Leaning heavily on sampled effects, drum machines, and experimental sounds, Leicester band JJ sound like a cross between pop weirdos Haysi Fantasysee and feeding time for the chimps at London zoo. One to steer clear of."(NME 2/89)

"What an alarming racket! But a very agreeable racket too. JJ are a group of scruffy urchins who plan to take the world of rock n' roll by storm by teaming the benefits of modern technology with traditional rock n' roll techniques. And do they succeed? Yes, they jolly well do. Info Freako is a smashing record that could well be a massive hit despite being so noisy and demented. And it'll definitely frighten your grandmother."(Smash Hits 22/2/89)

"Never Enough"

"An ungainly composite of half decent rock ideas, JJ are too squat, too over enthusiastic to tumble into brilliance. They're at once jarringly over pronounced and frustratingly muffled. In fact, if anything, they sound a bit like ELO here - the vocals are more than slightly reminiscent of Jeff Lynne and theres a block full of orchestra wedged into the middle section.'Wedge' - yes, thats the word that sums up JJ. Wedge."(A rock inkie 89)

"Bring it on Down"

"Theres a lot of this Jesus fellow about, and these must be the reserves. For despite being buried underneath 15 free copies of the record it still sounds unconvincing. They might have grazed the anus of the chart with their far superior debut, Info Freako but the post grebo tricycle is already spinning off down the road. After just three singles they're now formulae Jesus, and thats not too groovy."(Rock Inkie 89)

"A full seven minutes shorter than thee hypnotics epic "BIOD" is cursory rather than succinct. And it manages to pack a lot of tedium into its brief timespan. New Wave with techno knobs on, JJ's solitary bright idea (sampling the marching feet from "Holidays in the Sun" ) occurs just before the songs end. A shrill, tannoy-tinny tussle of agitated but ineffectual guitars and Angloid harmonies, "BIOD" was doubtless conceived as something to shake up the starched environs of Top of the Pops, a bit of rumpus like they used to have in the olden days. It just makes me think of"The Vibrators" or "The Vapors" and other sundry nonentities. You'd think the spectacle of B.A.D limping on through four lame ass albums would deter anyone from the rock/rap collusion stakes. If "The Beastie Boys" are plundering pirates and The Young Gods are pyromaniacs, the likes of JJ/B.A.D/PWEI are petty pilferers."(rock inkie 89)

"This is the third single by the wonderful Jones boys - the others both got a jolly annoying No.42 in the charts. Still, the band formed only a year ago and didn't play their first live date until the beginning of 89 so they're doing rather well. The singer is known as Jesus H Jones, but is really called Mike Edwards.He thinks he'd "make a superb popstar. Much better than the current lot." According to their record co. they are "young, sexy and superb"."(No.1 89)

"I Don't Want That Kind of Love"

What started life as an off the wall Christmas card for industry types has ended up in the shops. Those awfully clever Food people thought it would be a good idea to have their three top acts covering each others songs.Not altogether original, but a fun wheeze for the festive season. The results are mixed, with JJ coming off best on their psychotic reworking of Crazyheads "IDWTKOL". The Diesels stab at the Jones boys "I Freako" is a fairly subdued affair but the guitar line is pretty neat. One for the fans and hardly likely to turn any of the Food triumvirate into chart stars."(Rock inkie 89)

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