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Tony Interview

1. if you found £5000 would you?
a) celebrate
b) hand in to police
c) share with the questionmaster
d) lie in your answer to this question

e) at this moment I'd pay off some debts and buy a new drumkit for the
tour and maybe celebrate a bit. It's probably the right thing to hand it in
but if someone is dumb enough to loose 5 grand then they deserve to never see
it again.

2. do you see Jesus Jones as...
a) a laugh
b) about changing the worlds music
c) making money
d) something the voice in your head tells you to do

e) I'd say that there's some d) in there but mainly it's just being in a
band that really is and has always been alternative and original even
though it had alot of mainstream success. it's also about being in a band with
a bunch of guys that get on really well even though they're completeley
different personalities. And it's about having a laugh and hopefully
doing great gigs...

3.If you found out heaven was peaceful but boring and hell was
but fun would you -
a) try to work out a way to make heaven more fun
b) try to work out a way to make hell less painful
c) try to find out where your mates went first
d) sod it, sounds like work.

definitely c)

4. if you weren't making music would you prefer to...
a) own a racehorse
b) drive a formula one car
c) do macrame professionally
d) shoot people the voice in your head tells you to.
e) I'd like to be a professionsal skateboarder...I've stopped practising
now but, aside from the pain, that always seemed to me to be the perfect

5. if you had to be a roadie for a band, which one would it be?
a) Oasis
b) All girl band
c) A
d) Jesus Jones

e) The Motley Crew during their Girls, Girls, Girls tour ideally but
alternativley any big 80s poodle rock band

6. if you had to marry a celebrity, which would it be?
a) Liz Hurley
b) Pamela Anderson
c) Jordan
d) Paul Hogan

e) Alicia Silverstone without a doubt

7. what vegetable are you most like?
a) carrot - a bit pointed with mad hair.
b) broccoli - not well liked but good for you.
c) aubergine - a bit dangerous.
d) potato - down to earth.

e) elaine this is a truly stupid question

8. Which best describes you -
a) manly
b) girly
c) geezerly
d) other worldly

e) excited

9. Would you rather -
a) go without food for a day
b) go without music for a day
c) go without beer for a day
d) go without ego reinforcement a day

d) I don't need my ego to be stroked

10. If you were forced to attend a concert would you attend a -
a) Robbie Williams concert
b) S Club 7 concert
c) Ye olde tribute band concert
d) Elvis impersonators concert

c) I'd go and see Bi Jovi or Gunz n Rosez ot the Motley 2. All great
covers bands...


pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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