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Insider Thoughts !
Band member thoughts to come !

I haven't heard the compilation choices so they may be slightly different variations/incarnations but from my knowledge of some of the tracks -

Miss Universe - Not a fan of this one. I suppose the chorus isn't bad but could do with a bit more variation. 4/10

Cartoon Creature - This one  I could see on Already and I really liked. Probably my favourite of the unreleased tracks.  9/10

Freaky People - another I like even with the Krusty the Clown impression. Similar vibe to Cartoon Creature so I'm guessing from a similar era. Good lyrics. 7/10

Saviour - another ace one that could easily have been on Perverse I think. 9/10

As Good as It Gets - This is quite a fun bouncy track thats another in a Get a Good Thing type of vibe. 8/10

Every little bit - I've always liked this one and could have seen it on Perverse as a  sort of Get a Good Thing type track. Its an evolution of a track released on the official website a few years back called Hang On Every word.  Every Little Bit is the same tunewise with different chorus lyrics. 8/10

Time of Our own - This is Devil minus the Devil chorus and some different lyrics. So if you like Devil you'll like this and if you don't...well...

Meteor Boy - This is what we know as February only far more annoying. Glad they went with the better version. 3/10

Friend - not very keen on this one. Bit slow and of a similar vibe to Cartoon Creature/Freaky People. I'm sure someone knowledgeable would say something about the amazing influences of drum n' bass with it. 3/10

Set the Scene - not keen on this. Bit of a nothing track.  2/10

Info Freako PWL 12" - I think you'll all be a bit surprised by this one. I really like it. Info with a jazzed up bass track.

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