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Iains' Last

Answers as of 14/5/99

All the questions put to Iain Baker are prefixed "What was the last..."

1. Book you read?

"Energy Flash by Simon Reynolds......it's a potted history of the British rave scene."

2. Film you saw?

"can't even remember....maybe the film about Jacqueline du pre."

3. Meal you had?

"i can definitely remember this .... it was a Brazilian with my best man Nick and it was great! "

4. Gig you've been to?

"Feely Room and Skull Orchard at the Garage, Islington."

5. Album you bought?

"has to be "Knock" by Smog Game."

6. Computer/Console game played?

"oh it's got to be Zelda on the 64."

7. Song you've loved?

"'"Caroline" by the Feely Room."

"and what am i up to? no good as usual."

Thanks to Iain.


pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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