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Good Press

"The riotous INFO FREAKO sounds better than ever, like a jumbo jet full of electronic weaponry landing in your front room...." NME 2/91

"DOUBT shows that JJ can hover on the perimeters of the white dance explosion, buzz over to the boundaries of the funk metal crossover and indulge in a bit of hippy mind expansion, and get away with all of it."Select '91

"DEVIL assumes the stately crawl and pomp of a Cure anthem and JJ are Satanic majesties at their best." Billericay Echo 1/93

"REAL REAL REAL is one of those songs that thunders along in a kind of pop/rock/rap way and its genuinely quite exciting! Plus! It has the added quality of being rather good at lodging firmly into the part of your brain that will recall it at every available opportunity".Smash Hits 90

"PERVERSE - Mike takes the more intelligent end of techno, the aggression of thrash metal and some tumbling melodies and JJ fashion their most accomplished record to date." Tennents Live News 1/93

"ZEROES AND ONES is an electropop wow. The central melody sounds like a sci-fi pterodactyl going in for the kill. Melody Maker 5/93

"BROKEN BONES crushed the non-believers with a fiendishly lethal cocktail of stinging guitar and Albanian choral samples." Record Mirror 12/90

"DOUBT - the bottom line is that this is a magnificent album that in 12 months time will stand as one of the best of the year." Record Mirror 91"LIVE - JJ are the werewolves of pop. Their mild, radio friendly daytime fare becomes a seething beast at night." Record Mirror 90

"V BLUR - Far more professional than Blur will ever be...." 12/91

"LYRICS - JJ wouldn't be JJ if Mike wasn't dishing out unusual truths in compact choruses" Hot Press 1/93

"AND FINALLY - at the end of the day they write brilliant dance rock music that works on as many levels as you want it too." Indiecator 6/92

"RIGHT DECISION - punchy, melodic and worth a fiver bet as a prospective Top 10 single...." 1/93 NME

LIVE - "The new single is called the NBT, but going by the sheer ferocity and guts exhibited tonight, it doesn't really need to be said. Right Here, Right Now there is no other place you could imagine even vaguely wanting to be."NME May 1997

LONDON - " London is a great album. Harmonies are much tighter, while melodies are more interesting and intricate." FM SOUND

LONDON - "As always the band's high energy shows through on their songs. The album from beginning to end is nothing but energy. They have held true to their hard guitar, synthesized techno punk driving music they are known for. The album actually has a harder edge than what some might remember of Jesus Jones, but an edge that easily can keep them afloat with the genre of music today. For a child of the 80s reliving musical memories, or the alternative lover, this album is a must listen." ANTIMUSIC

BEST OF - "Each one of the singles is a bona-fide thrill that not even time and indie elitism can wither. The buzzsaw psychosis of “Info Freako” soon gives way incessant stomp of “Who Where Why?”, the oddly prophetic (and thematically linked) pairing of “International Bright Young Thing” and “The Next Big Thing”, to the slick “Real Real Real”: the best top 5 single to ever mock all those turgid soul singers who blather on about things being ‘real’ " DROWNED IN MUSIC

pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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