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Gig Reviews UK 2001

Glasgow Barrowlands 15/12/01

What can I say? It was ace! They played - Never Enough/ibyt/real/zeroes/rhrn/idiot/info/www so pretty much a little greatest hits setlist. I took one too from the gig as I thought it was the "in" thing to do this year. :) I was particularly pleased they played one of my favs that i'd never heard live before in Never Enough. Very rocky sounding too in the mix. For those who don't know the Barrowlands (ie. most) it holds close to 2000 people and was pretty much full.
The girls in front of me were totally perplexed by Iains madness and keyboard walking. Everyone was as mad as usual onstage. Jerry had on a London T shirt (the black one) for a while and Mike had on a white shirt with er a design thing. They all looked great anyhow. Wow. I can't stop smiling still and we are days on. I sung along to every word with a bit of head bashing myself. The
crowd got quite into it as they went along and began to recognise stuff. The Wonder Stuff were good too - Miles said about it being good that JJ had reformed and there was a big cheer. I snuck into the soundcheck beforehand to take some pics and took some at the gig too so we'll see if they are half decent to end up on a webpage somewhere. They soundchecked Zeroes and WWW? btw. Had a chat with all the guys and they are all very nice and friendly. We also had the added bonus at this gig of Gen, and he remembered me from Stoke 96 and I had a chat with him too. Bought Gen, Tony and Al beers (the others had left) and got 3 hugs from Al for it. So theres a tip girls - don't buy Al beer. :) Mike has tons of new stuff to go on the official site very soon so we look forward to that.
Can't wait to do it again soon. Only one minor quibble - I wish I'd seem them play some new stuff though I understand why not.
Hopefully next time....

Webmaster Elaine Hamilton


Wolverhampton Civic Hall 16/12/01

Driving all the way from North Devon to Wolverhampton is just another day in my quest to see one of the greatest live bands I have had the privilege to the see. The hardest decision of the day was deciding what t-shirt to wear! Opting for the Right Here tour shirt topped by the Food Christmas Party shirt the trip up sped by and navigating the one way system on Wolverhampton we arrived bang on time. Having seen them play over 20 times I eagerly entered the Civic Hall to see what the latest offering was. The obligatory visit to the mixing desk to obtain the running order and set list and I am just a little disappointed that
they have only been alotted 30 minutes.Oh well, I suppose it is nearly the Wonder Stuff’s home turf! Right the third band seem to be getting a difficult reception so it was time to get a poster for the gig from one of the walls. Always a useful souveneir!

Already it is nearly time for the boys to strut their stuff and I take up a position in the centre. Move Mountains first, superb, gets them jumping straightaway. Ian seems to be making up for his absence in the states by a display that has me feeling tired after two minutes. Then into International Bright Young Thing and the crowd are giving them a great reception. Real Real Real next and my voice has nearly gone already. Zeroes and Ones to follow and I had forgotten how good that sounds, live. Well if there were any
people left doubting then Right Here Right Now got their attention and the place was rocking from front to back. Another track from Perverse and its Idiot Stare followed by the anthem Info Freako. The place goes mental and the only thing that can calm them down is Who Where Why.

I think I have got it all there. Nice to here a mix of the first three albums. All masterpieces in their own rights. Even though it was 11 years ago when I first saw Jesus Jones, from their energy and enthusiasm on that stage tonight you would think it was yesterday. Can’t wait now for the greatest hits tour. Hope to hear some of the old faves, just play a gig with all the b-sides, that would be superb! Hope there were some losers there from the NME to see what they couldn’t handle. Cheers for a great

PS The Wonder Stuff were quite good also!

Robert Bates


Wolverhampton Civic Hall 16/12/01

I first saw Jesus Jones 12 years ago - on their "Liquidizer Tour" at Wolverhampton Polytechnic (that's now a University) - So when I heard they were coming back to Wolverhampon to play at the Civic Hall supporting "The Wonderstuff" I had to go.

I was very excited to hear them again - hadn't seen them live for too many years - so I was really looking forward to some stuff off Already. Maybe even a new track off the new album (I’d read so much about their new stuff from the gigs in the US) and of course some of the classic older stuff.

The audience was mostly there for The "Stuffies" - but there was a hard core JJ fan base there and part way through the set, most the of Stuffies fans were joining in.

They opened with Iain aka Barry D Storming on to start-up the unmistakable police siren from Move Mountains - my heart raced! It had been too long...Ian pacing around the stage like some one possessed, Jerry and Al - still not lost all that energy and passion I remember and then Mike - ever
the perfectionist - over seeing it all.

Al bald with a goatie! When I was a student I model my hair on him - shaved round the sides and back - long on the top - it looked really evil!

Next up IBYT - and Al falls over - classic - he got far to carried away.. Mike makes a joke of it...something always goes slightly awry at a JJ concert...one of the things I love.

Right Here, Right now, Rx3 I think Iain made a mistake here - although Icouldn't hear it - he looked over sheepishly at Mike and stuck out his tongue! That chemistry is still there.

Idiot Stare - this was never one of my favorite tracks - however, after hearing them do it live I must dig it out again, the cut over from the guitars to the keyboards was amazing...

Infofreako - what can I say, ahhh

Zeros and Ones followed by Who, Where Why and that was it.

Overall it was heaven… the energy, excitement and showman ship of it all - oh and the music. I really missed them. Only complaint was it was over far to quickly and they never played any of their newer tracks... but I suppose it was a Stuffies audience - so they were playing to them. Hopefully
they'll tour next year, when the greatest hits album comes out - so they can get some of the newer stuff in. This time exclusively to a JJ

And "The Wonderstuff", well they were good - they were playing to a home audience so could do no wrong. I enjoyed their show - but I was there for the Jones boys. Funny how the Stuffies all look older and slightly fatter - and wow Miles Hunt with short hair! Most poignant thing he said was
talking about all the bands I liked and how they were reforming, Jesus Jones, EMF, Neds Atomic Dustbin but no Pop Will East Itself - perhaps some things are best left in the past.

Adam Parker


Wolverhampton 16/12/01

Anyway, saw them last night - FANTASTIC. Unfortunately due to Mr Baker's lack of time to practice there was nothing from London - but that was the only down side. I was glad I got the opportunity to express my appreciation to the band via Jerry by accosting him on his way into the "Gents" - I am sure
he understood my intention. The gig was officially recorded and photographed so I'll be the one at the front singing all the wrong words (badly), dancing like a wally (do people still use this word?) being really selfish and not caring about the Stuffies fans attempting to reserve their places at the front. I'd also like to thank the Wonderstuff for supporting Jesus Jones so well (although I couldn't understand why they cam on last!!!). Anyway thanks for a great gig and a replacement T-Shirt for the one I got almost ten years ago (B
Brixton Academy was the 21st wasn't it?) which my wife threw out as it was pretty much threadbare.Well, I was spreading the message even if it was JJ fans have very old T-Shirts...

Gary Parker

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