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Cover Story

liquidizerLiquidizer Album - A liquidizer. Photo: Trevor Rogers

doubtDoubt Album - The album sleeve back that became the front. The character who became known as the demon of doubt was drawn by Art Director David Calderley, replacing the original front concept, an unaccompanied question mark (no name, no title).

perversePerverse Album -Two bodybuilders from Putney, a stylist and a make up artist become the cast for a bizarre peephole view of some eccentric goings on. A little Guadalajara in London SW14. Photography by Takashi Homma.

The Devil You Know Single - The first single from the Perverse album. Photography by Takashi Homma on a visit from Japan.

londonLondon Album - "It's little slices of London life, tube tickets, the Monmouth Coffee House in Covent Garden, that kind of thing, The photos are reproduced like that because they were taken outside (In Hoxton) not in a studio." (Mike Edwards)


pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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