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Mike Edwards Chat Highlights 28/08/03 (this is just an edited sample - why not join in the next one on 11th September 2003 at 4pm UK time/11am EST ?


Q. Any tour dates ?

A. tour dates : none anywhere yet but there\'s stuff behind the scenes. Who knows.

Q. Are you doing the TdF stage again this year ?

A. TdF : not this year, done it 4 times, 3 gold medals. Need a diff challenge.

Q. How many bikes do you have.

A. Bikes : down to 4.

Q. What did you think of London ?

A. London : don\'t listen to it much. Sounds like it could have been mastered better. and recorded, written et al. same thoughts as usual 2 years on.

Q. Do you know about Eco Challenge ?

A. Eco Challenge : worked on it in 98 (Morocco). Never smelled feet as bad as the athletes coming in after 5 days.

Q. Tell us about the new EP ...

A. New EP : rocky. very rocky. Although may totally mess with 1 track and go 180 degrees the other way.

Q. What else is on the live DVD ?

A. DVD : all band interview, remember it being pretty good, Iain on good form, all laughing at Tony and Jerry. Again, feature itself is best I\'ve seen of us.

Q. Why the clothes in the RRR video ?

A. fashion mistake. The RRR video. Oh boy..That said we\'re a decade on so everything looks worse now than it did then or will in another 10 years.

Q. How do you decide where to play ?

A. Where we play tends to be dictated by where a promoter reckons they\'ll earn. Sorry to be onto dull technicalities.

Q. What's the best JJ song ?

A. Best JJ song. Somehow Idiot Stare comes to mind. It was kind of the culmination of all we\'d been leading up to.

pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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