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Mike Edwards Chat Highlights 18/3/04 (this is just an edited sample - why not join in the next one ?)


Q. Whats the news ?

A. Well, we have some new photos to go up soon, from a big session in january...there'll be a video for Culture Vulture, using a lot of footage from the live dates in japan...Early next month I'll be on a BBC Radio 2 music / comedy (my speciality, surely) show called Jammin...No stand up for me, seems my guitar playing alone will suffice, especially allied to my singing. It's a very good, half hour show hosted by Roland Rivron. Very piss-takey, lot of mucking about with music live in front of an audience...

Not great news about the EP though, delayed until mid May. Sorry. Not up to me though.

Q. Are you self conscious about singing ?

A. Self conscious..not much but I have to do a something different from JJ tomorrow, as well as a quick burst of RHRN.

Q. Whats different about this Jammin' show ?

A. What's different ? I have to sing "in the style of" for one sketch (dunno what yet) and there's plenty of that kind of thing in the show.

Q. Would you like to host a show ?

A. Hosting a show ? maybe...maybe, depends. I really hate the media personality thing so I'd be reluctant.

Q. Did you contribute to the film Shopping ?

A. Shopping : I did write something specific which they then used a snippet of. I think it may have mutated into "Motion" although that's a long way from certain. (Elaine correction - Addiction , Obsession and Me)

Q. What else are you up to ?

A. Good time to mention I'm always working on solo stuff. have about 8 tunes in various stages. Very electronic, some vocals. lots of Garage, Drum & bass, hip hop, IDM influences.

pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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