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Mike Edwards Chat Highlights 19/02/04 (this is just an edited sample - why not join in the next one ?


Q. How was Sonicmania ?

A. Sonic mania was great, really very good. So well organised, so nice to play, the crowds were really good. loved the entire experience. I like Osaka very much, probably more than Tokyo. maybe this has changed now but it always seemed more about pop culture. We'd love to come back to japan, it was always one of our favourite places to visit. I think creativeman (S'mania organisers) liked us so hopefully we'll be back. Actually we had a meeting the other night and there was a plan to maybe come back towards the end of the year, playing maybe the Club Quattro in Tokyo, maybe somewhere else too.

Q. Any chance of an album ?

A. New album ? I've told MI5 UK and our manager that if someone will finance it I will do it. Sadly I can't spend months on it and hope it sells enough to recover costs, I have to have an advance or it won't happen. But you never know...UK tour dates now very unlikely before maybe something at the end of the year. It took MI5 a little while to discover what we found out on the Hits tour : touring the UK costs us a fortune.

Q. Is there a video for Culture Vulture ?

A. Culture Vulture : music video ? the only video there is is the one from the festival. We should have it for the web site in April. Japanese TV broadcast : There's going to be a broadcast in April apparently. But they have permission to use most of the set and will transmit it over a few weeks, I think.

Q. Whats the plan for the rest of the year ?

A. Rest of the year ; not much, apart from some vague talk about going US-Japan-UK towards the end of the year. The EP is out in April but it's almost certain nmow there'll be no tour with it - we'd only lose money.

Q. Which are your favourite remixes ?

A. Fave remix would be the Chem 1 Matrix - very drum n bass. Aphex and Prodigy mixes of Zeroes are great too. Some of the early Acid ones were good, the Tony Moody one of Right Decision.

Q. How was working with Traci Lords ?

A. Traci Lords : A great experience, very interesting and creative woman, good fun to be around, very funny. She knew exactly what she wanted and that really helped. We got on well.

Q. Whats the favourite mix you've done ?

A. favourite mix I've done ? I heard the GTO "Tip of the iceberg" mix about 2 years after I did it. Walked into a bar and thought "this sounds good, wonder what it is ?". Only realised later.

Q. What music are you listening to just now ?

A. Music ? Lots of UK garage, or Sublow as they now refer to the inevitable branch off from it. Like the Muse and Martina Topley-Bird albums. Tony got me a bunch of albums for Christmas that I haven't heard yet ; The Distillers, Buck 65, and...and...um...

Q. Whats your most bizarre onstage experience ?

A. Most bizzare onstage experience ? Probably the pigs heart thrown onto Gen's cymbal at Liverpool Uni. Pig not attached.

pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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