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Mike Edwards Chat Highlights 23/10/03 (this is just an edited sample - why not join in the next one on Thursday 20th Nov I think (will confirm) at 4pm UK time/11am EST ?


Q. Working on currently -

A. I\'m playing with the lead track off the EP, Culture Vulture. Final Mix. New stuff. Well CV as of today is very, very rocky, more so than London stuff. Not heavy metal more kind of Hives-esque. maybe.

Q. Planned EP Release ?

A. EP release : February. here and hopefully japan

Q. Touring ?

A. European tour very, very unlikely. Sorry.

Tour dates, Yes Japan, hopefully UK- feb again

No US tour plans. maybe that will change but has anyone here tried getting aUS work visa recently ? Sheesh !

Q. which is the strangest place you have been ?

A. Most unusual place ? Tibet. Japan. Tibet - stunning scenery, sad situation, very oppressive. Very little oxygen.

Q. Mike, ever consider a modelling career? seriously

A. Modelling career ? Hah ! Absolutely not ! Why not ? I\'m a troll. The photos are all tricks of light and mirror. And even then not good.

Q. Will your Remixes from Bon Jovi\'s Keep the Faith album ever surface or are they locked up in Jon Bon\'s little treasurechest?

A. Bon Jovi mix - that would be great if it were released. Although I\'d be scared to do it for the weight of legality that would fall upon me.

Q. What are you listenng to these days and would recommend?

A. Andy C, One Giant leap, Mirwais, Plump DJs and a lot of compilation CDs from magazines, ,,,NERD, Pink, Nitin Sawhney, Susheela Ramen...,Dizzee rascal, martina Topley Bird, Ullrich Schnauss, Oh and Sebsatien Escofet, an Argentian ambient artist.

Q. What are the rest of the band up to ?

A. Rest of the band. Iain\'s on XFM, Jerry mooches about and does Sum Demeana, Alan does Waco Bros and this and that. Not sure about Tony. or Gen.

Q. Are you doing most of the EP on your own?

A. EP done all in my home studio, but drums recorded in a rehearsal room, Alan recorded in a hotel room. The rest at home. Produced, mixed by me. tea made by me also.

Q. Have there been any JJ cover versions done by other bands that you\'ve liked?

A. I liked the Diesel Park West cover of Info. heard Vic Reeves\' IBYT but hmmmm. Haven\'t heard many others, i think they\'re too awkward to cover.

Q. Whats your favourite food ?

A. Fave food : Indian, Mexican, Thai. Anything with chillis really.

Q. How do royalties work ?

Q. Royalties. Basically when you see an ad on telly it\'ll be me as songwriter that gets the money, although there\'ll be a little for all of us if they use the original recording.

A. Will def. be back next month. Pleasure. nice to chat to everyone again.

pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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