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Mike Edwards Chat Highlights 11/09/03 (this is just an edited sample - why not join in the next one on Thursday 25th September 2003 at 4pm UK time/11am EST ?


Q. What did you do with your gold /platinum disks ?

A. The platinum one for the US is in my studio - there to remind me what paid for all the goodies in there. the rest are in a box somewhere.

Q. Do you remember Rio ?

A. yes, I remember the Rio. I love Tempe / Phoenix / Arizona, always a shame to leave. Good gig as I remember.

Q. Whats your favourite "Family Guy" episode ?

A. family Guy ? Well obviously the \"jesus jones\" quote one. Also the one where Peter wrecks the town\'s TV transmitter, largely for the Star Trek joke and Ensign Rickie\'s\' Ah crap !\"

Q. What happened to your MTV Best New Artist Award ?

A. Eric the Award is also in the studio, damaged after a careless handling.

Q. Whats a typical Work day ?

A. Work day : Up at 5.42, 5.45 if it\'s a lie in. An hour or so of emails and admin then down in front of Cubase. Go for a ride / run late morning. Work alll afternoon. try and stop at 6. Or 7.. 5.45. I know, it\'s not through choice. 6 would be perfect but seemed to have developed one of those internal alarm clocks. can\'t find off switch.

Q. What else are you up to ?

A. Working on 2 other projects (apart form JJ) at the mo.

Q. Do you still skate ?

A. haven\'t skated in ages. Put off by how hard it was last time. And injury seems likely and not able to fit into lifestyle at the mo.

Q. Did you get paid for the Guardian article ?

A. Guardian paid.Damn right !

Q. Do you like writing articles ?

A. I\'d love to write more and will chase it. mostly bike stuff since the likes of the Guardian will want music related things and I don\'t do much of that aprt from write all day - not much of a read.

Q. Still biking ?

A. Racing season is coming to an end now. Entered another half marathon in March but that really just for fun. Did my fastest, probably ever, last March and happy to leave it there.

Q. Any date for EP ?

A. EP - no date. I need Andrew at MI5 to deadline it.

pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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