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Mike Edwards Chat Highlights 19/01/05 (this is just an edited sample - why not join in the next one ?)


Q. Whats' new in music ?

A. Although there's some great stuff happening at the extreme end of UK Garage, all the grimy stuff. very exciting. Yeah, I like Andy C, haven't heard Dieselboy - good ? D&Bass seems a but lacking these days.I lovedf it when it sounded like the soundtrack from an Alien battery acid drinking party.

Q. Any tour news ?

A. Tours ? Well, we had to mention it soon, didn't we ? Usual bad news.

Q. Seen Gen lately ?

A. I saw gen a few weeks back, Deckard were touring with The Wildhearts. He kind of reinforced my views on touring. They were sleping on peoples floors to save money and living off merchandising sales. it didn't sound much fun .

Q. Finished the solo stuff ?

A. Meanwhile, I owe you an apology as I was trying to get some solo stuff done before Christmas. I have a number of songs I really, really like but just need the time to finish them.

Q. What about the EMF and JJ gig(s) ?

A. EMF : we chased that hard with them and with the necessary agents / promoters etc but in the end EMF called it off.

Q. Any other projects on the go ?

A. Side projects ? We'll see. ben and I are finishing a song which will complete a CD showcasing the best of what we've done. We'll hawk that around all the majors sometime next month and review the situation from there.

Q. Can you put out the Yoshi tracks ?

A. I'd love to release the Yoshi tracks, esp. INTEOTWorld but Arianne isn't happy with them coming out until she's happy with the vocal. The reason we stopped working on Yoshi is we could nevber get Arianne to commit to doing a vocal.

pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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