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Mike Edwards Chat Highlights 17/11/04 (this is just an edited sample - why not join in the next one ?)


Q. Any tour news ?

A. We had a UK tour proposed but the figures made it seem like we might get about $200 for 2 weeks of touring. At best. we're up against a) financial constraints and b) just how hard it is to get into the US these days...

Q. Do you arrange your own tours ?

A. Arranging tours ? Not us really, more a case of an agent going out to promoters to see who will offer what in terms of venues and money. We do the rest.

Q. Do you get fed up answering the same questions ?

A. I thin the only question I really got fed up with was the name.

Q. Hows' the solo stuff coming along ?

A. Solo stuff ? Every week more bits get added. I can't say for sure Christmas will see something but it is all moving forward whenever I get the chance. There will be some new stuff from me, and not too far away.

Q. How will the solo stuff be available ?

A. Through FF, yes. Downloads only. But may well do some artwork for it too.

Q. What are your favourite JJ songs ?

A. My fave JJ song. Hmmmm, actually quite a few. Get a good thing...Idiot Stare...RHRN...All the answers...Nowhere slow...Rocket ships......zeroes & 1s...

Q. What do you think of remixing of your old tracks ?

A. The remix question pops up a bit. Personally I'd love it but there are big probs ; I don't have access to any of the EMI era tapes so I can't get you solo'd tracks. And I doubt EMI would play along..

Q. Do you hear from the others ?

A. Got a text message from jerry the other day : "UB40. IB44".



pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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