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Mike Edwards Chat Highlights 22/9/04 (this is just an edited sample - why not join in the next one ?)


Q. What news ?

A. Talk about a tour with EMF is still going on, contrary to my negative comments about it last time. would def. be a co-headline so I suppose one night they lead, one night we do.

We have an agent once again (UK, at least) so there's an increased chance of us playing.

And other news : I've dug up some old demos. Actually outtakes. A Coler/Richardson version of "For a moment" and an unreleased track from the Perverse sessions. Will be up online very soon. I heard "HOEW" (the Perverse track) for the first time in over 10 years earlier today. Loved some of it, hated other bits of it. I hated the vocals, the lack of tune. Liked some of the power of it.The final version of Already is better I think but the Coler Richardson stuff is probably more how I envisaged it at the start.

Q. Do you see Rest of JJ much ?

A. Actually haven't spoken to Iain and Al in a while but Jerry seems good and Tony's as perky as ever.

Q. Would you work with outsiders ?

A. Yes, that's pretty much what I'm doing all day every day at the moment : writing with Ben from Yoshi and occasionally singer / writer Michelle. It's all up on flingflang.co.uk I'm also working on my own stuff in "coffee breaks".

Q. When can we hear your own stuff ?

A. I'd love it to see the light of day. before Christmas if I possibly can. Just need the time.

It's really frustrating as I have about 3/4s of an album done but need a couple of weeks solid to finish it off. Meantime I'm trying to get something happening with the Pop songwriting stuff as below. A Mike solo album. That might suddenly turn into a JJ album if there was the right situation. It's not very JJ though, very electronic.
At present my own stuff is largely instrumental but I want that to change a lot. I'm toying with various ways of getting vocals in but I suspect very soon I'll switch to manual.

Q. How many keyboards did Iain have ?

A. he only ever had 2 at a time but they had virtualyl constant maintenance. Plus they were taped up, welded together and all but wrapped in a mattress.

Q. Last album you bought ?

A. The Prodigy, actually. Most disappointing sadly

Q. Would you like to write for a film ?

A. I'd love to write for film.although it scares me. So it'sobviously a good idea. But wanting it and getting the opportunity are miles apart.

Q. Who decided not to release IBYT and WWW in the USA ?

A. SBK took the decisions on what singles to release. They almost went with WWW and also Welcome Back Vic.


pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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