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Mike Edwards Chat Highlights 24/6/04 (this is just an edited sample - why not join in the next one ?)


Q. Any tour news ?
A. No plans for any shows at the moment although Jerry was on the phone to say we should start sorting something out for the end of the year.

Q. whats the % of a gig this year ?
A. % of a gig this year - I'd say 70.

Q. What sort of response are you getting from "Culture Vulture"
A. Anyway, there seems to be have been a lot of good response from those who'll give it a chance.

Q. did you get any bithday gift ?
A. yes I got some presents. A hand coffee grinder was the star one .

Q. Any USA gigs ?
A. No, sorry, no US tour planned. As yet anyway, US tours seem to crop up unexpectedly though. That said getting a work visa is a nightmare at present.

Q. Mike, speaking of bikes: hardtail or full suspension?
A. Full suspension these days. I have a doozy on long term loan from What Mountain Bike.

Q. Whats your new technology ?
A. New technology ? Yeah, this is coming via wireless at home. YAY ! And got a new G4 for music.

Q. Ever done a fan mix ?
A. No, I've never done a fan mix. Always thought I should be making my own stuff. In fact I was contractually obliged to for the era you're writing about.

Q. Ever done something you've regretted ?
A. never very proud of the cover versions we did for various mags / comilations etc.

Q. Would you like the artistic freedom to write 10 minute epics ?
A. I couldn't write epics as described. I'd lose patience. much rather write 3.5 min ditties and move on.

pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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