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Mike Edwards Chat Highlights 27/5/04 (this is just an edited sample - why not join in the next one ?)


Q. Can we have the rest of the Culture Vulture lyrics please ?

A. EP lyrics ? Oh, bloody hell (this is me being a teenager) if I have to.

Q. Any gigs ?

A. Concerts ? Nada, apologias.

Q. How about getting other JJ members to take part in a chat ?

A. Other JJ members : too busy working, basically. Although, if we change the time (which I think would be good - 3 or 4 hours later) they might join in. Might.

Q. What happened to the Culture Vulture video ?

A. CV video, on it now although Tony wants in on the action but can't be contacted. it'll take a while, they're really labour intensive and I'm not short of things to do.

Q. How is Oojah coming along ?

A. Oojah is OK but Vicky's got her own album out and is focussing on that (with Ben on bass) while Ben and I are looking more into pure songwriting. The Oojah tracks should be up any moment now, with more to follow in the short and medium term.

Q. Any bike races upcoming ?

A. Bike races : yep, MTB and road, but all little local ones, nothing grand and overseas. this year.

Q. Can we have a later chat ?

A. Times. Well, I did say earlier 3-4 hours later which is evening in the UK. If you're in the US there's no chance of me doing a chat at 7 west coast ie 3am my time. let us know via Magz what you think of the times - is later better, another day better ?

Q. Do you have any non music projects on the go ?

A. Non music projects ? Yes, I'm getting into bike journalism a lot more. Have a short piece coming up in What Mountain Bike (sister publication to Why mountain Bike ?) and the door is open there for more and at another publication. Will aim to go through that door.

Q. What music are you listening to ?

A. Nothing new really, usual UK garage, lot sof pop stuff (it's work, really !). And some albums, Tony gave me at Christmas ; Aqualung, buck 65, Distillers, um... some others..


pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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