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Mikes' Biking Thoughts

"I just let my natural feelings take over. Pre-race nerves are similar to pre-gig nerves. You feel like you'd rather be anywhere else. The first few minutes are out of control an unpleasant surfeit of adrenalin. Of course, deliberately getting to the back at the start line with two minutes to go forces you to take it easy for the first mile.

I put off racing for a long while because I thought it wouldn't be fun at all, but halfway through my first race, lying face down in a mud pool on a wet, cold North Yorkshire Sunday, I found I was wrong. The closer you get to the front of the race, the more plain old satisfaction seems to replace fun, with the sense of achievement becoming more personally important than laughing at your all over mudpack.

If I find it starts to get too intense, if I'm loosing sight of the fun of mountain biking, then I pick a race that isn't important for me and just enjoy riding a course nearer the back of the race, still getting the slight buzz of competition but riding everything exactly as I feel like riding it at the time."

(Mountain Biking Pro Magazine'97)


pop music mp3s pop music mp3s
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